Hot Girls Pearls A Line Of Body Cooling Jewelry

Q. Why are the pearls so big?

A. Think of your HOT GIRLS PEARLS like ice cubes–the bigger they are the longer they stay frozen.


Q. What’s inside the pearls?

A. The same nontoxic gel found in ice packs.


Q. Are they just for women with symptoms of menopause?

A. No way! HOT GIRLS PEARLS are great for hot climates, playing or watching sports, gardening.. any time you want discreet relief from feeling overheated.


Q. How long do HOT GIRLS PEARLS stay cold?

A. HOT GIRLS PEARLS give you immediate relief from the heat. Gasp with pleasure as the ice cold pearls extinguish your hot flash – on the spot. While each person and environment varies, you can expect the cooling effects to last up to an hour. We recommend wearing them for short bursts, and returning to the purse between wears to prolong their cooling effects.


Q. Can they be heated?

A. No! (For that we recommend wearing a scarf).