Hot Girls Pearls

Menopausal Women

Menopause can bring on many unwanted side effects, and some of the most common are hot flashes.  They can come on at any time; work, an evening out or just relaxing at home.  Not only are they physically uncomfortable, but the can also be emotionally debilitating. For women who don’t want or can’t take any medications to curb those ‘personal summers’, HOT GIRLS PEARLS provide immediate relief, while making a fun fashion statement.  Filled with a non toxic cooling gel, like that found in ice packs, the Pearls are stored in a freezer between uses.  The insulated purse is lined with the same gel, ensuring you of always being prepared to put out that fire.

Women Going Places

Women have always played a vital role in the workforce.  Combine those responsibilities with home, family and social commitments, and you have a reason to feel exhausted, hot and stressed.

HOT GIRLS PEARLS help alleviate the anxiety of a working day, whether caused by physical activity or a Powerpoint presentation.  A woman who feels and looks cool has the confidence and comfort to face every days’ challenges.

Your Pearls are filled with the same cooling non toxic gel found in ice packs.  Store them in their insulated purse and  in the freezer, and enjoy an instant blast of cooling relief durning overheated moments.  Work is such a big part of life, shouldn’t it be as cool as the rest?

Pregnant & Breastfeeding Moms

What?? Hot flashes during pregnancy?  Shouldn’t that happen later?  Hot flashes can happen to any woman at any stage of life.  When you and your pregnancy hormones get together, flashes and mood swings can get right down to business.  Dropis in estrogen levels are to blame for these heat surges, and mostly affect the head, neck and chest, and can last for minutes. To make matters worse, the heat may be more common later in the pregnancy and even increase after delivery.  Breastfeeding moms will find hormones lowering and staying low.

Wearing a cooling necklace or bracelet from HOT GIRLS PEARLS during those times is a great way to survive with style and comfort.  Our pearls are filled with the same non-toxic gel used in icepacks.  Stored in your freezer, inside the insulated purse, the PEARLS can get you through hours of overheated madness, and let you enjoy this most magical time of your life.       

Sports Women

I once ‘played’ golf in 95 degree heat.  That’s why I played once.  But apparently many real players feel the same way, as HOT GIRLS PEARLS have been a hole-in-one on courses across the country since we began.  The non toxic cooling gel inside each bead freezes, providing discreet relief from the heat.  You’ll be able to play your round looking and feeling like you just walked out of an air conditioned clubhouse!

Woman with Medical Conditions

For women suffering from certain medical conditions, treatments can sometimes feel worse than the disease.  Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, even migraine headaches, report that the hot flashes they endure add yet another misery to an already stressful situation.  HOT GIRLS PEARLS were created to help women feel good, inside and out.  Freeze them, wear them.  If ever there was a time to want to be cool, this is it.