HOT GIRLS PEARLS came about one typical snowy winter night. It was cold, it was messy, my dog was yanking me to go home, and yet I was having my very own personal Summer. Snow falling, my coat wide open as I ran home, I flung open the freezer door, and stuck my head in just to lower my body temperature to somewhere in the 90’s.

And that’s when I saw the plastic ice cubes. Bought on a whim, they absolutely called out to me. Grabbing some tape and string, I proceeded to make the first 18” HGP necklace that started it all. I knew I was on to something when even my most skeptical friends roared in delight. Soon the wheels were turning, drawings were made, colors chosen, prototypes built and a corporation formed. Months of planning were grueling, especially for one with no business background.

Now I needed help, which came in the form of Charlotte, a lass from Scotland, who double times it as a stand up comedian. With a bookkeper and financial savant named, what else, Peni, and said faithful dog, Pogo, we were off. And not a moment too soon, as the TODAY SHOW came calling just 2 weeks later. (To see what others have been saying, please visit the PRESS page).

Thank you for your interest in HOT GIRLS PEARLS. It’s not too often that a woman of 59 starts something from out of the blue, and I am very proud of the PEARLS and their success. I hope you love your strands, and visit us often. Oh, and please invite your friends.