The coolest way to beat the heat this summer.

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Get instant cooling relief with Hot Girls Pearls

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Enjoy 20% off this summer. Enter code SUMMER2020 at check out. Special offer ends July 31st.

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Ultimate Cooling Package

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Would you believe that the only summer accessory you need this summer is in the freezer?

Stay cool all summer long in Hot Girls Pearls freezable cooling jewelry. Once frozen, our patented lightweight pearls will keep you cool for up to 30 minutes depending on your environment.

Stay cool doing all the things you love to do outdoors; playing golf, tennis, running, going to the beach, gardening, you name it.

“Not only are these pearls fabulous looking but they work to keep you cool! I wear them while playing golf. All my friends have ordered the necklace after they saw me wear them. Worth the investment.”

- Christi B

Stay cool this summer in freezable cooling jewelry

Summer note

When I tell people about Hot Girls Pearls, it always takes a few minutes to explain what they are and how they work. But when I take a frozen pair and put them on someone, there is an instant smile and genuine relief on her face. You can visibly see her shoulders relax followed by a long exhale.

It’s true that Hot Girls Pearls make you feel better, but they also look great. Only you know that you’re wearing a cold pack around your neck. All they see is a stylish piece of jewelry that always gets noticed. Don’t let another summer go by feeling hot and sweaty and uncomfortable.

Leslie Myers
President Hot Girls Pearls
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