The Rest of Us

Busy lives make for hurried lives, and who hasn’t felt stressed or overheated from just getting through the day. Whether running to catch the bus to work, running errands getting in and out of the car, lugging groceries up the stairs, or chasing after the kids… Need I say more?

Hot Girls Pearls ™ can be that little “pick-me-up” to make you feel cool and comfortable, keeping your stress at bay. We know when we look good, we feel a little better too. Store your peals in the freezer for at least four hours and after you get home from a long day, snap them on and put your feet up.

Enjoy the quick cooling sensation you’ll feel right away. And for those extra busy days, freeze your FREE travel pouch and take your pearls with you for on-the-go cooling anytime.

"This is such a brilliant idea I'm thinking I might even wear it to bed!"
-Megan Hulce